Another Rant on Medium and its Content Discovery Problem

I seriously don’t get. I mean, organizing a news feed isn’t that complicated if you stick with some basic learnings from Twitter:

  • Make it chronologically, or at least provide me with an option to have it that way
  • If you need to apply a algorithm, explain it to me
  • Don’t mess with the UI ramdonly, e.g. the menu bar. (I don’t mind an occasional UX-trial, but I am not a guinea pig per se.)

All of this will make me a happy and engaged user, spreading the word in your favor.

Interestingly, you would expect some sort of respect for these best practices from the Medium guys, given their DNA. But for a reason unbeknowst to me they are completely messing with the user experience:

Random changes to the menu bar

Image for post
Image for post

“Solo travel”? This morning, I had “medical tourism”, too. I couldn’t care less about those two topics, and I swear, I have neither read, nor hearted any articles that might fit into those categories. (But “Tech” has been gone for a few days…)

Learning about post from followed Medium accounts elsewhere

I discover good articles from people I follow on Medium on other channels like Twitter, Facebook, in newsletters, or even on LinkedIn. But I don’t notice them on Medium, neither in “For you” — another euphemism—, nor in the email digest.

Shall I visit individual accounts to make sure I am not missing out on the good stuff?

Last, but not least: Fix the stats on letters sent to publication subscribers

What is your take on Medium’s content discovery problem?

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